Non-Contact Delivery Terms & Conditions

The safety and well-being of our customers and staff is always our number one priority – and never more so than now, as we navigate this unprecedented public health emergency. During this time, we’re offering an optional delivery service where we will not enter your home and you will not be in close proximity to any of our staff, please let us know when you place your order. 

MELBOURNE METRO SUBURBS: Whilst Melbourne is under Stage 4 restrictions, we are not able to install the mattress in your home, delivery is ‘Non-contact’ only. We ask that you read our terms and conditions below and contact us if you have any questions before placing your order.

Moving the mattress into your home:

Our mattresses weigh between 35 – 48kg. You will need at least two strong people to move the mattress into your home. The mattress needs to be lifted, please do not attempt to drag the mattress as this will almost certainly damage the mattress carry bag and the mattress. The mattress carry bag has handles that allow two people to lift the mattress to be carried into your home. The handles are not designed to use to pull the mattress in any way and will tear the bag when used in this way. If you are not in Melbourne metro suburbs and are not sure if you are able to install the mattress into your home without the assistance of our delivery staff then we ask that you not choose the ‘Non Contact’ option.

Possible damage or theft:

Mattresses are large, difficult items to move and are easily damaged. Sherman Australia takes no responsibility for any damage incurred or loss of product once the mattress is left outside of your home. We will take great care to ensure that the mattress and the cloth mattress carry bag that we deliver to you is not marked, torn or damaged in any way and will assume that any damage that you may find once you install the mattress in your home has been caused during the installation of the mattress.

Once the product has been delivered to your home and  is left in the area nominated by you, our delivery team will photograph the mattress left in that location and this will be regarded by us as photo as proof of delivery. Sherman Australia accepts no responsibility for theft of the item after that time. Sherman Australia also accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by external elements such as weather. The mattress warranty that covers any manufacturing flaw in your mattress does not cover any damage caused to the mattress.

Returning or exchanging the mattress within the 100 night trial:

If you live outside of Melbourne metro suburbs and we have delivered the mattress as a ‘Non contact’ delivery, you may still request that we enter your home to collect the mattress within the 100 night trial. If you don’t wish for us to do this, we ask that you follow the conditions below:

MELBOURNE METRO SUBURBS: Please understand that if you wish to exchange or return the mattress within the trial, you will need to place the mattress back into it’s carry bag and leave the mattress ready for collection in the same spot outside of your home where the mattress was originally left, on a day agreed to by us. As with the original delivery, Sherman Australia takes no responsibility for any damage or theft that occurs when the mattress is left outside of your home.

All of our returned mattresses are donated to local charities. If the mattress is returned to us in a dirty or damaged condition, these charities will not accept that mattress as a donation. In this instance, Sherman Australia reserves the right to charge a ‘scrapping’ fee of $49, which will be deducted from your refund. To avoid this, we ask that you keep the mattress in a reasonable condition.