Education about mattress foams

Mattress specifications

Understanding foams

Foam is one of the most expensive parts of a mattress and it also affects your comfort more than any other component. It is impossible to really compare mattresses or mattress prices without knowing the foam grades in the mattress. We discuss the differences between foams and explain foam grades.


Understanding mattress spring units

Mattress specifications

All about springs

The different types of mattress spring units can be confusing, they all have their pros and their cons. We break down the different types to help you find the innerspring stye that should suit you best.


Edge support for sitting on a mattress

Mattress specifications

The importance of edge support

Edge support is essential in a mattress, not just for the structural integrity of a spring unit, but to give you something to sit on when you put your socks on in the morning! Here are the different types of support used to prop up the edges of a mattress and what method works best for different mattress types.



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