Our full specifications

Cutaway of the side of a Sherman Just Perfect mattress showing foam and spring layers

Inside a Sherman Just Perfect mattress

How we bring you incredible sleep

We are the only company who openly publish our specifications so that you can really compare our mattress for value and quality. After manufacturing in the Australian mattress industry for more than 30 years, we’re taking a stand for transparency in the mattress industry.

Every Sherman bed is in essence an original, designed and hand built, with every stage of the assembly process a craftsman’s task. Here’s how the combination of premium materials and intuitive design in our ‘Just Perfect’ mattress help to bring you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had:

1. QUILT  

Our top layer of luxury, all Sherman mattresses have a quilt panel of soft, stretchy fabric with a cotton and polyester blend. The cotton helps the fabric to breathe and wick away moisture whilst the polyester helps to keep the panel soft and flexible in order to cradle your body. You’ll stay cooler and drier as you sleep, even on a hot night. (SPECS: Quilt fabric 40% cotton, 60% polyester with premium quilting foam 22kg density)


This is the heart of the mattress, providing deep comfort for the sleeper, conforming gently to your body shape in order to relieve pressure points as you rest. These layers are applied over the spring unit and sewn into the mattress by hand. The incredible pressure-relieving properties of our premium Visco elastic memory foam means you’ll stay in a deep, restorative sleep for longer. (SPECS: Full 30mm layer of visco-elastic (memory foam) 40kg density above a full layer of premium foam 22kg density)


Our pocket spring system is designed to offer you the most supportive night’s sleep. Hundreds of individually wrapped, tempered pocket coils are arranged with varying firmness to conform to your individual body signature, supporting your heaviest areas through the centre of the bed, whilst lifting your spine to keep you in an anatomically correct posture. Zero partner disturbance means you won’t wake when your partner rolls over. (SPECS: 24cm high pocket spring unit with 720 individual, tempered steel coils. Wire guage 1.8mm / 2.3mm/ 1.8mm. Two perimiter rows of 2.3mm guage coils and dual perimiter support frames 0.5mm guage).

From the pocketed springs to the filling materials, each and every vital component of your Sherman bed is exactly as you would expect; luxurious, supportive and long lasting.  Sherman’s uncompromising quality and design is the only way to create a supremely sumptuous and comfortable mattress that will fit you like a glove. A Sherman mattress brings you incredible sleep, at a price that won’t keep you up at night.

We make three different mattresses: Our softest – ‘Full Body Hug’, our firmest – ‘Firm But Fair’ and our in-between (the most popular choice) ‘Just Perfect’.

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